佃眞吾 木工芸作家



Wooden craftsman Shingo Tsukuda’s peices have a stylish style that makes you love the grain of the wood. The graceful form makes you want to slide your fingers across it unintentionally.
At first glance, they may look like antiques, but they have a universal and modern appearance.

I myself am one of those people who are fascinated by the grain of wood. Ever since I started woodworking, I have been strongly attracted to the material and have been collecting fine woods whose grain is the highlight of their work. Just like cooking, materials are very important.




「OLD JOEのアイテムを身につけると、日本人の骨格を熟知しているなと感じます。たとえばOLD JOEのアイウェアは、自然とカラダに馴染む。ヴィンテージのカタチやスタイルをただ踏襲するのではなく、それを使う現代の日本人の姿形に合うように緻密に計算され、独自の解釈でリプロダクトされている。ものづくりへのストイックな姿勢にとても共感しますし、時代に左右されない魅力があるのだと感じます」

I really like the process of carving and shaping wood. For example, if I cut too much wood when rounding, there is no going back. I like the moment when I decide to finish the piece. I think the individuality of the artist is expressed in the way he or she decides what to do.

When I wear OLD JOE items, I feel that the brand is well aware of the Japanese skeletal structure. For example, OLD JOE eyewear fits naturally to the body. Rather than simply following vintage shapes and styles, they are precisely calculated and reproduced with unique interpretations to fit the shapes of modern Japanese people who use them. I really sympathize with this stoic attitude toward craftsmanship, and I feel that it has a timeless appeal.