Bonsai craftsman Teppei Kojima is willing to break down preconceptions for the beauty he perceives. Behind the landscape he sees is refined strength and fragility. Wabi-sabi. The chic appearance of the man Teppei Kojima tells the whole story of his way of life.




Bonsai expresses the beauty of nature in a single pot. The artist imagines how it will grow and what shape it will take, and then creates it. There are many subtractions to express this beauty. I attach great importance to the Japanese wabi-sabi spirit.




For example, when facing a single pot, I imagine that there is space there so that the curves will come alive and this branch will come to life even more. It still takes courage to put the shears in for that purpose. It may sound a bit strange to call it a gamble, but for me it feels like I’m pushing the envelope. A bonsai may express the very way of life of the person who creates it.



「わたしがOLD JOE に惹かれるのは、ものづくりに、まさに侘び寂びの美学を感じるから。あるべきところにポケットがあり、ボタンひとつにしても細かなディテールにまで妥協がない。でも、決してやりすぎない。ギリギリを攻める匙加減が抜群であり、そのかっこよさはわたしにとって唯一無二。袖を通した時のフィッティング感は最高です。

I am attracted to OLD JOE because I feel the wabi-sabi aesthetic in their craftsmanship. There are pockets where they should be, and there is no compromise in the smallest detail, even in the buttons. But never too much. The spoonful of just barely hitting the edge is outstanding, and the coolness of it is unique to me. The fitting feeling when you put your sleeves through it is the best. I feel the essence of chic in this one shirt.”



Photo / Kei Sakakura
Text / Chisa Nishinoiri